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Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and digital marketing expert whose work has transformed thousands of businesses around the world. Deiss has helped millions of entrepreneurs and business people to transform their companies through proven modern day marketing strategies.

As a best-selling author, Ryan Deiss has written powerful business books like Invisible Selling Machine and Digital Marketing For Dummies.

Here are some inspirational Ryan Deiss quotes about marketing, business, entrepreneurship and life:

best Ryan Deiss quotes

Best Ryan Deiss Quotes

1. Personalized, automatic follow-up works. -Ryan Deiss

2. The longer we act like something is “new,” the longer we fail to learn from the past. -Ryan Deiss

3. There’s so much content out there, and still, none of us know what the hell we’re doing. That’s either very discouraging or very encouraging. I’ll let you decide. -Ryan Deiss

4. Branding Equals Ownership. The mistake companies make in their pursuit to “build a brand” is believing they are the rancher when they are actually the cow. Be the cow. -Ryan Deiss

5. Knowing what you’re BAD at is more important than knowing what you’re GREAT at. Self-awareness means putting people and systems in place to prevent us being our own worst enemies. I somehow forgot that. -Ryan Deiss

6. As a child, I did things I shouldn’t have done because I worried what others might think of me. As an adult, I didn’t do thinks I SHOULD have done because I worries what others might think of me. Peer pressure is painful. And expensive. -Ryan Deiss

7. Perhaps you are experiencing the dark side of entrepreneurship as you read this. The good news is that there is hope. You can conquer the chaos of small business ownership. You can have the business you’ve always wanted and still have a life. -Ryan Deiss

8. Most companies try to “own” their audiences when they should, instead, seek to be owned BY their audience. The best brands are sacrificial. Unfortunately, as those brands grow, they forget that it’s their job to be feasted upon…not the other way around. -Ryan Deiss

9. A potential customer has given you permission to contact them. This is a big deal! Now what? The first step is to teach your new prospect about you, your company and your brand. You need to indoctrinate them. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why are you different? What should they expect from you? How often? What should they do next? -Ryan Deiss

10. Entrepreneurs don’t struggle because they do things that DON’T work. Entrepreneurs struggle because they continue to do things that DID work for far too long.

Ryan Deiss

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11. We study success when we should be studying failure. -Ryan Deiss

12. If I had to boil it down to the one thing that makes the most difference it would be having a systematic way of getting sales. -Ryan Deiss

13. All businesses work at some cost basis. All marketing works at some acceptable acquisition cost. The solution to both is rarely cost-cutting. -Ryan Deiss

14. He or she who is able and willing to spend the most to acquire a customer wins, so optimize for customer value by optimizing for customer experience. -Ryan Deiss

15. Teaching is humbling. It’s constantly reminding yourself of all the things you know to be true, but for whatever reason abandoned somewhere along the way. -Ryan Deiss

16. What’s the biggest mistake CEO’s make? Delegating the marketing strategy. You can delegate 99% of the execution, but never, never, NEVER delegate the strategy-creation, itself. -Ryan Deiss

17. “How can I afford to spend more than anyone else to acquire a customer?” This is THE big question that separates entrepreneurs who scale from entrepreneurs who stall, but no one talks about it because it isn’t “sexy.” -Ryan Deiss

18. What does a CEO do? The short answer is “whatever needs to be done,” but what duties belong UNIQUELY to the CEO? I’ll go first… 1)Set and communicate the company vision 2) Enforce and up-level performance standards 3) Don’t run out of money. -Ryan Deiss

19. I’ll never understand why creators reject paid advertising as an audience-building tool. So many great ideas die on the vine simply because smart creators believe “old school” marketing is beneath them. -Ryan Deiss

20. Bad ideas hurt. Good ideas are deadly.

Ryan Deiss

More Ryan Deiss Quotes

21. You get to choose what offends you. -Ryan Deiss

22. Learning to sell is so much harder than learning to buy. -Ryan Deiss

23. Ordinary investing: optimize risk and return ratio Entrepreneurial investing: optimize optionality and asymmetry ratio. -Ryan Deiss

24. Attention entrepreneurs: This ain’t show-friends…. This is show-BUSINESS. Make the tough decisions. It’s quite literally your job. -Ryan Deiss

25. Believing you have invented something new is usually a sign you haven’t done enough research. Find the giants, then stand on their shoulders. -Ryan Deiss

26. This is what most marketers get wrong. They focus all their efforts on building email lists, and almost no effort on how they’re going to make money from that list once they have it. -Ryan Deiss

27. If you offer something for free, and people like it, it’s tempting to start charging for that thing. Don’t. Instead, ask yourself, “What result are people seeking?”… And sell them something that gets them that result: 1) Faster, and 2) with less work. -Ryan Deiss

28. Become so successful that it’s “news” when something happens in your personal life that affects literally no one but you, and yet the media feels like they have to pile onto it because they’ve never done anything meaningful in their entire sad, pathetic lives. -Ryan Deiss

29. Some people want to invalidate online courses because “most people who start them never finish them.” But the same can be said for exercise programs? Does that mean exercise is “broken?” No. I don’t think so. I just think it’s hard. And most things worth doing are hard. -Ryan Deiss

30. One powerful way to engage customers is to tell them your origin story. Why did you start your business? Are you carrying on a family legacy? What did you envision when you started your business? What challenges were you facing or did you face as a result of starting it?

Ryan Deiss