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Patrick Bet-David is an entrepreneur, speaker and author who is popularly known for being the founder of a PHP Agency which is a life insurance company and a fastest growing media company called Valuetainment. Patrick Bet-David was born on October 18, 1978 in Tehran, Iran before going to the United States of America where he attributes the country’s freedoms and values as key factors for his success.

Bet-David has inspired millions of people through his books and videos on the Valuetainment YouTube channel. The books written by Patrick Bet-David are Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy, Drop Out and Get Schooled: The Case for Thinking Twice about College, Doing the Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible and The Next Perfect Storm.

Here are some best Patrick Bet-David quotes on business, entrepreneurship, life and success:

best Patrick Bet-David quotes

Best Patrick Bet-David Quotes

1. Awareness shows you that you are at the center of all your problems (and solutions). -Patrick Bet-David

2. Gather intel before jumping to conclusions. It’ll keep you sane and help have healthier relationship. -Patrick Bet-David

3. I’ve met many unfulfilled, unhappy people. The most dangerous unhappy people I’ve met are those who are both extremely ambitious and extremely lazy. What this combination produces is envy, which is a deadly sin that will make your life a living hell. These are people who think big and want to do something big, but they’re not willing to put in the work to earn it. They’ll cheat. They’ll throw you under the bus. They’re constantly looking for shortcuts. And if someone else has what they want, it eats away at their very soul.

Patrick Bet-David

4. Freedom is demanding. Freedom is jealous. Freedom is the greatest high in the world. -Patrick Bet-David

5. Power fears independent thinkers. Power fears critical thinkers. Power fears those who don’t fall for their tactics. Power fears those who do independent research. Power fears opposing arguments. Power fears the truth. -Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David Quotes On Success

6. Your vision must align with who you want to be. Your choices must align with your vision. Your effort must align with the size of your vision. Your behavior must align with your values and principles. -Patrick Bet-David

7. Average talent with a great attitude will take someone further than a great talent with a negative attitude. It takes effort to have a great attitude but it’s worth the effort. -Patrick Bet-David

8. Dreams are turned off by your excuses. It exposes your level of seriousness and commitment to your dreams. Regardless of your excuses being valid or invalid. Unfortunately this message sucks but it’s the truth.

Patrick Bet-David

9. You’re going to use experiences to become either bitter or better. To get better you must reflect on your mistakes. -Patrick Bet-David

10. If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else. -Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David Business Quotes

11. One great employee is worth more than 5 average employees. Remember this rule when building your company. -Patrick Bet-David

12. If an entrepreneur continuously finds themselves in survival mode, they’re better off being an employee. 3-5 years makes sense, but not forever. Entrepreneurship requires creativity and a very high sense of urgency. And it’s constant. Thriving > Surviving. -Patrick Bet-David

13. Capitalism reveals everything. It reveals who works. It reveals who improves. It reveals who takes care of their best employees and who doesn’t. It reveals who’s creative. It reveals who thinks the biggest. It reveals who doesn’t want to pull their own little red wagon. -Patrick Bet-David

14. Poor processors play the victim and blame others and external events rather than seeing how they contributed to the problem. You know you’re witnessing a poor processor when you don’t hear the word “I.” You’ll hear him or her say things such as “All millennials are lazy. These kids have no work ethic. They are causing my business to suffer. -Patrick Bet-David

15. Leaders versus complainers. For every leader who tries to sell you on being a leader, there will be 20 complainers who’ll sell you on living a life of making excuses. The life of a Complainer is easier. The life of a leader is tougher. History favors leaders!

Patrick Bet-David

16. Hard times create capitalists. Capitalists create good times. Good times create socialists. Socialists create hard times. -Patrick Bet-David

17. If you think your critics are wrong, prove it. If you think your haters are wrong, prove it. If you think you’re right, prove it. Results have historically been the best way to prove you’re right. -Patrick Bet-David

18. Increase your income is a formula. If you’re not fulfilled and happy with the current results in different areas of your life, it’s most likely due to your needing to make some adjustments in some of the formulas you’ve been using for a while. -Patrick Bet-David

19. Underachievers think they’re working harder than they actually are. Overachievers think they’re not working hard enough. Underachievers think they know it all. Overachievers think they don’t know it all. History favors the overachiever! -Patrick Bet-David

20. The moment you understand who you will have to spend the rest of your life with and learn to accept it, you’ll eliminate self-judgment, which will empower you to make more bold moves. It will minimize overthinking and increase execution. -Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David Quotes About Life

21. Your anger at others dies out once you see that no one but you controls your fate. -Patrick Bet-David

22. Knowledge without imagination is pointless. Knowledge with imagination is limitless. -Patrick Bet-David

23. Studying yourself helps you reach self-acceptance, which liberates you from self-judgment. -Patrick Bet-David

24. Don’t over react during strange times. Regardless of what the media says. Regardless of what your family says. Regardless of what your friends say. Stay under control. -Patrick Bet-David

25. Bad ideas only work short term. They eventually reveal their flaws. They either don’t make money. They piss off the people who once supported the idea. They reveal the real motive behind the idea. Time is the enemy of bad ideas. This applies to both business and politics. -Patrick Bet-David

26. We never feel completely ready for life’s big decisions; but in taking the leap, we push ourselves to the next level.

Patrick Bet-David

27. Bad ideas always get exposed by people who originally thought it was a good idea. Time is every bad ideas worst enemy. It’s 100% PROVEN. -Patrick Bet-David

28. I’ve not found a single stock, a real estate investment, Bitcoin, baseball card, gold or anything else that has given me higher returns than investing in myself. You are the best investment. Start investing in yourself now. The returns are insane. -Patrick Bet-David

29. We are the luckiest generation alive. Don’t let the media convince you that it’s the worst. It’s utter non sense and absolutely disgusting. What’s needed is gratitude. What’s needed is love. What’s needed is perspective. What’s needed is the ability to question NON SENSE! -Patrick Bet-David

30. Worries genius or happy simpleton? The moment you get caught with the reading bug and learning, you get addicted to it, and you have to know that your mind is going to process stuff and the debate starts happening [in the head] and it’s forever— it never stops. You lose a little bit of happiness when you get too interested in wanting to get certain questions answered in life because it’s never going to end. If you choose to subscribe to wanting to be a lifelong learner you must be ready to lose some happiness and freedom that you once had when you didn’t know everything. -Patrick Bet-David