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Andrew R. Jassy is an entrepreneur and businessman who is the current president and CEO of Amazon. Prior to being the president and CEO, Andy Jassy was the leader of the Amazon Web Services department since it was launched back in 2003. Andy Jassy replaced Jeff Bezos as the president and CEO of Amazon on July 5, 2021.

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best Andy Jassy quotes

Best Andy Jassy Quotes

1. I took my last final exam at( Harvard Business School) the first Friday in May in 1997, and I started at Amazon the next Monday. -Andy Jassy

2. And then I think the other thing to remember is that consumers and customers have a choice on where they spend their money. -Andy Jassy

3. In the beginning, a lot of those same companies would pooh-pooh the cloud and say that nobody was going to use it for anything interesting. -Andy Jassy

4. And people don’t seem to have any problems telling us when they think there may be a misuse of the technology, and it’s very easy to send it to us. -Andy Jassy

5. You know, I think you have to, in any problem—you know this—in any complicated problem, you have to look at the details, and you have to dissect it and do some analysis. -Andy Jassy

6. If you want more protection, which I think is totally reasonable, the federal government should regulate it, I wish they’d hurry up — if they don’t, you’re going to have 50 different laws in 50 different states. -Andy Jassy

7. And when you actually dissect what Amazon is, when you look at each of the business segments, the facts are we’re really small relative to the total market segment size in each of the businesses in which we operate, and they’re still all in their very infant, early stages. -Andy Jassy

8. And so I think a lot of societal good is already being done with facial recognition technology. Already you’ve seen hundreds of missing kids reunited with their parents and hundreds of human trafficking victims saved and all kinds of security and identity and education uses. There’s a lot of good that’s been done with it. -Andy Jassy

9. From the very start of Amazon Web Services, we made a decision that if we wanted to be able to serve a lot of Amazon’s consumer competitors… that we had to make Amazon Web Services its own separable business with a different leadership team and where Amazon’s consumer businesses were an important customer but just one of many important external customers, we treat Amazon’s consumer business as an external customer. -Andy Jassy

10. We have very strong guidance for our law enforcement customers that if they’re going to use facial recognition technology in an investigation, they should only use it where you get answers that have at least a 99% confidence level, and then only as one piece of a broad set of pieces of evidence in a human investigation. And so we try to give very strong guidance and take action when we see any kind of misuse.

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11. And then in each of those categories, there is very deep competition with very well-funded and very capable companies. -Andy Jassy

12. Facial recognition technology is just one piece of the overall pie. We still—as I said, it’s very early days in people using it, but we haven’t seen any abuse yet. -Andy Jassy

13. So we believe that it’s important for us to be able to provide access to our government to be able to use that technology, and we’ve been consistent about that across government. -Andy Jassy

14. We get a number of documented complaints of misuse of technology all the time, because we have millions of customers who use the platform across, you know, all over the world in every imaginable use case. -Andy Jassy

15. If you look in cloud computing or in the AWS [Amazon Web Services] business, 97% of the spend in the IT market is on-premises, and only 3% of the spend in the entire IT market is in cloud computing of which we’re a share of that. -Andy Jassy

16. You know, I think there’s—the public probably doesn’t know the techniques, every single technique and how many police departments use every single technique in all their investigations today and haven’t for the last number of years. -Andy Jassy

17. We worry, by the way, about the civil liberties issues. If you know anything about what a lot of the senior leaders at Amazon do in their free time, they spend a lot of time on civil liberties. It’s something that’s very important to me and I think a lot of my peers. -Andy Jassy

18. I have a different view, and we’ve spent—we’ve had the facial recognition technology out for use for over two-and-a-half years now, and in those two-and-a-half years, we’ve never had any reported misuse of law enforcement using the facial recognition technology. -Andy Jassy

19. We’ve also been very consistent in saying that if we find that we have customers, regardless of who they are, who are misusing the technology and violating people’s civil liberties and violating the law, and we have documented proof of that, we will suspend their ability to use our platform. -Andy Jassy

20. We don’t think about it very deeply. You know, at the end of the day, if I had to categorize what we spend most of our time thinking about, it’s really in each of our businesses.

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21. You know, Amazon as a whole has become—has been successful, and across a few different business segments, but simply because the company’s been successful, in a few different business segments, doesn’t mean it’s somehow too big. -Andy Jassy

22. I think that, believe me, if there’s some kind—we see almost everything in the media today, and I think that you can’t go a month without seeing some kind of issue that somebody feels like they’ve been unfairly accused of something of some sort. -Andy Jassy

23. Let’s see if somehow they (police departments) abuse the technology. They haven’t done that, and to assume that they’re going to do it and therefore you shouldn’t allow them to have access to the most sophisticated technology out there doesn’t feel like the right balance to me. -Andy Jassy

24. We’ve also been very consistent in saying that if we find that we have customers, regardless of who they are, who are misusing the technology and violating people’s civil liberties and violating the law, and we have documented proof of that, we will suspend their ability to use our platform. -Andy Jassy

25. You know, if you think about computers and servers, and you think about all of the misdeeds that have been done with servers, breaking into people’s systems, stealing email addresses and data and things like that, imagine what our world would look like if we had banned or not used computers or servers. It would be a very different world. 

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