Alexandra Elle Affirmations

This is a list of the best Alexandra Elle affirmations to transform your life.

Alexandra Elle is an author, certified breathwork coach, and writing to heal facilitator whose work has transformed millions of lives and inspired many people to fulfill their purposes. Alex Elle is the author of best-selling books like After the Rain: Gentle Reminders for Healing, Love in My Language, Courage, and Self-Love, Grounded in Gratitude: A Reflection Journal Alexandra Elle, Today I Affirm: A Journal That Nurtures Self-Care among others.

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Here are some great Alexandra Elle affirmations for self love, success, gratitude and forgiveness:

best Alexandra Elle affirmations

Alexandra Elle Affirmations For Self Love

Here are some of the best affirmations for self love by Alexandra Elle:

1. I am nourishing myself by saying no to overextending and yes to more rest.

2. I am committed to showing up for myself because I am worthy of my own time , space and energy.

3. I am choosing to take care of myself so that I can show up in my roles full vs. depleted.

4. Choosing not to settle is an act of self-care. I want to feel seen, safe, and supported in the relationships and environments that I’m in.

5. I am open to letting go of everything not aligned with my growth. Staying stuck is no longer an option. I can love people and have to leave them behind.

6. I am advocating for myself by releasing emotional baggage that is not mine to carry.

7. I deserve ease and unconditional love during the entire process of becoming my best self.

8. I am committed to myself and evolution even when others may not understand.

9. I can find liberation in letting go. I am not afraid to shed what no longer serves or elevates. I want to grow in places that leave me feeling nourished and accepted.

10. I understand that self healing takes time, and I give myself permission to show up fully- no matter how long it takes.

11. I am releasing relationships that require unhealthy heavy emotional lifting. I am nurturing relationships that offer a sense of ease, openness, and reciprocity.

12. Shrinking myself to comfort others is no longer an option.

13. Dishonoring myself to avoid rejection and loss is no longer an option.

14. I will not betray myself to be loved and accepted.

15. Neglecting myself to make other people happy and comfortable is no longer an option.

Alexandra Elle Affirmations For Success

These are some of the best Alexandra Elle affirmations for success:

16. I am outgrowing who I once was and becoming who I am destined to be.

17. I am growing daily into who I want to be. Soul work is moment by moment. Pacing is teaching me to offer myself more grace.

18. I am honoring my process and staying close to the truth no matter what.

19. Even on my worst day I trust that better days are on the way.

20. I am not my past. Moving forward is the future.

21. I am changing daily, and even when growth feels uncomfortable, I will commit to honoring myself and my process.

22. I will not discredit or turn a blind eye to how far I’ve come, even when those around me have a hard time accepting the journey I’m on. I will stand in my truth.

23. I can change and become who I want to be. Creating a new path for myself is possible. I will show up and do the hard work.

24. I will stay close to my truth. I will not allow anyone to trick me out of trusting myself or intuition.

25. I will not allow fear to hold me hostage and keep me stuck.

26. I am committed to growing, even if those around me aren’t ready to change yet.

27. I deserve to see myself in the same warm glow that I see others. My light is abundant. My joy is important. I deserve to take up space.

28. There will be moments where I have to start again- even after I’ve done intense work to mend. There is always more to learn in my healing.

29. I am committed. I am open. I am trusting. I am allowing. What is for me will not pass me by, and I trust that with all my heart.

30. Starting over allows me to give myself grace as I wade through the ebbs and flows of grief.

Alexandra Elle I Am Affirmations

Here are some of the best I Am affirmations from Alexandra Elle:

31. I am committed to investing my time and energy in places and people that value it.

32. I am creating the life I desire by slowing down and turning inward.

33. I am worthy of new beginnings, even if that means I have to walk alone for a bit.

34. I am releasing relationships that plant seeds of doubt in my mind. I am nurturing relationships that are rooted in mutual love, care and respect.

35. I am dedicated to honoring my boundaries and holding myself accountable when I drop the ball. Self-trust is a muscle that needs to be exercised, and I am open to doing the work.

36. I am no longer shrinking myself to fit into the hearts of people who aren’t able to love me in the ways I deserve to be loved.

37. I am no longer investing my time in things that leave me emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

38. I am open to new experiences that are elevating, eye-opening, and encouraging.

39. I am trusting the glory that greets me from here on out. No more questioning the goodness that shows up in my life.

40. I am working through my mess. I am sorting out my life. I am finding peace in the midst of madness. I am deserving of emotionally clean spaces.

41. I am deserving of love. I will not let the hurt of my past deter me from building the life I long for.

42. As long as I am alive, I am capable of of paving a new path for myself. I will do the work.

Alexandra Elle Affirmations For Gratitude

These are the best Alexandra Elle affirmations for gratitude:

43. I am grateful for the people I parted ways with.

44. I am learning to let go with unconditional love.

45. I am learning to give myself and others more grace, even in differences.

46. I understand that every storm that passes through is clearing the path for something bigger, brighter and more bountiful.

47. I am allowing old doors to close so that I can greet new beginnings with a heart that is ready to receive what’s waiting for me.

Alexandra Elle Affirmations For Forgiveness

Here are some of the best affirmations for forgiveness by Alexandra Elle:

48. I forgive myself for staying when I wanted to leave.

49. I forgive myself for shrinking to be more accepted.

50. I forgive myself for pushing good people away who were trying to love me.

51. I forgive myself for getting lost in comparison and self-doubt.

52. I forgive myself for rushing to move on when I wasn’t ready.

53. I forgive myself overcommitting all those times I wanted to say no.

54. I forgive myself for knowing better and still choosing a path that didn’t serve me.

55. I forgive myself for putting up with mistreatment because I thought that’s what I deserved.