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Albert Camus was a French journalist, author and philosopher who was born on November 7, 1913 in French Algeria. Camus died on January 4, 1960 in Villeblevin, France at the age of 46 but despite his relatively short life, Albert’s work impacted millions of people and he still continues to inspire millions more today.

Camus is the second youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature which he received in 1957 at the age of 44. Some of the most popular works by Albert Camus include The Stranger, La Peste, The Myth of Sisyphus, The Fall, L’Homme révolté, Le premier homme and Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.

Here are some of the best Albert Camus quotes on life, love, death, freedom and surprisingly, coffee:

Albert Camus The Plague Quotes

Albert Camus The Plague quotes

1. There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise. -Albert Camus

2. It is in the thick of calamity that one gets hardened to the truth – in other words, to silence. -Albert Camus

3. What’s true of all the evils in the world is true of plague as well. It helps men to rise above themselves. -Albert Camus

4. The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits. -Albert Camus

5. But, you know, I feel more fellowship with the defeated than with saints. Heroism and sanctity don’t really appeal to me, I imagine. What interests me is being a man. -Albert Camus

6. stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves. -Albert Camus

7. The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits. -Albert Camus

8. The evil in the world comes almost always from ignorance, and goodwill can cause as much damage as ill-will if it is not enlightened. People are more often good than bad, though in fact that is not the question. But they are more or less ignorant and this is what one calls vice or virtue, the most appalling vice being the ignorance that thinks it knows everything and which consequently authorizes itself to kill. The murderer’s soul is blind, and there is no true goodness or fine love without the greatest possible degree of clear-sightedness.

Albert Camus

9. I was very fond of you, but now I’m so, so tired. I’m not happy to go, but one needn’t be happy to make another start. -Albert Camus

10. There are more things to admire in men than to despise. -Albert Camus

11. I have no idea what’s awaiting me, or what will happen when this all ends. For the moment I know this: there are sick people and they need curing. -Albert Camus

12. For who would dare to assert that eternal happiness can compensate for a single moment’s human suffering. -Albert Camus

13. Well, personally, I’ve seen enough of people who die for an idea. I don’t believe in heroism; I know it’s easy and I’ve learned that it can be murderous. What interests me is living and dying for what one loves. -Albert Camus

14. All I can say is that on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims– and as far as possible one must refuse to be on the side of the pestilence. -Albert Camus

15. Thus each of us had to be content to live only for the day, alone under the vast indifference of the sky. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus The Stranger Quotes

Albert Camus The Stranger quotes

16. If something is going to happen to me, I want to be there. -Albert Camus

17. I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. -Albert Camus

18. One always has exaggerated ideas about what one doesn’t know. -Albert Camus

19. I realized then that a man who had lived only one day could easily live for a hundred years in prison. He would have enough memories to keep him from being bored. -Albert Camus

20. I felt the urge to reassure him that I was like everybody else, just like everybody else. -Albert Camus

21. I looked up at the mass of signs and stars in the night sky and laid myself open for the first time to the benign indifference of the world. -Albert Camus

22. And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness. -Albert Camus

23. It was as if that great rush of anger had washed me clean, emptied me of hope, and, gazing up at the dark sky spangled with its signs and stars, for the first time, the first, I laid my heart open to the benign indifference of the universe.

To feel it so like myself, indeed, so brotherly, made me realize that I’d been happy, and that I was happy still. For all to be accomplished, for me to feel less lonely, all that remained to hope was that on the day of my execution there should be a huge crowd of spectators and that they should greet me with howls of execration

Albert Camus

24. I may not have been sure about what really did interest me, but I was absolutely sure about what didn’t. -Albert Camus

25. After awhile you could get used to anything. -Albert Camus

26. I’ve never really had much of an imagination. But still I would try to picture the exact moment when the beating of my heart would no longer be going on inside my head. -Albert Camus

27. I had only a little time left and I didn’t want to waste it on God. -Albert Camus

28. It is better to burn than to disappear. -Albert Camus

29. Everything is true, and nothing is true. -Albert Camus

30. I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus The Fall Quotes

Albert Camus The Fall quotes

31. I used to advertise my loyalty and I don’t believe there is a single person I loved that I didn’t eventually betray. -Albert Camus

32. The truth is that every intelligent man, as you know, dreams of being a gangster and of ruling over society by force alone. As it is not so easy as the detective novels might lead one to believe, one generally relies on politics and joins the cruelest party. What does it matter, after all, if by humiliating one’s mind one succeeds in dominating every one? I discovered in myself sweet dreams of oppression. -Albert Camus

33. Your success and happiness are forgiven you only if you generously consent to share them. But to be happy it is essential not to be too concerned with others. Consequently, there is no escape. Happy and judged, or absolved and wretched. -Albert Camus

34. A single sentence will suffice for modern man. He fornicated and read the papers. After that vigorous definition, the subject will be, if I may say so, exhausted. -Albert Camus

35. Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity, of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death. So long as you are alive, your case is doubtful; you have a right only to their skepticism. -Albert Camus

35. Believe me, for certain men at least, not taking what one doesn’t desire is the hardest thing in the world. -Albert Camus

37. I have a very old and very faithful attachment for dogs. I like them because they always forgive. -Albert Camus

38. Friendship is less simple. It is long and hard to obtain but when one has it there’s no getting rid of it; one simply has to cope with it. Don’t think for a minute that your friends will telephone you every evening, as they ought to, in order to find out if this doesn’t happen to be the evening when you are deciding to commit suicide, or simply whether you don’t need company, whether you are not in the mood to go out. No, don’t worry, they’ll ring up the evening you are not alone, when life is beautiful. As for suicide, they would be more likely to push you to it, by virtue of what you owe to yourself, according to them. May heaven protect us, cher Monsieur, from being set upon a pedestal by our friends!

Albert Camus

39. You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. -Albert Camus

40. We are all exceptional cases. We all want to appeal against something! Each of us insists on being innocent at all cost, even if he has to accuse the whole human race and heaven itself. -Albert Camus

41. I like people who dream or talk to themselves interminably; I like them, for they are double. They are here and elsewhere. -Albert Camus

42. We’re going forward, but nothing changes. -Albert Camus

43. Today we are always as ready to judge as we are to fornicate. -Albert Camus

44. But the heart has its own memory and I have forgotten nothing. -Albert Camus

45. People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus The Myth Of Sisyphus Quotes

Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus quotes

46. Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable. -Albert Camus

47. What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying. -Albert Camus

48. There is scarcely any passion without struggle. -Albert Camus

49. The absurd is lucid reason noting its limits. -Albert Camus

50. A man is more a man through the things he keeps to himself than through those he says. -Albert Camus

51. A man wants to earn money in order to be happy, and his whole effort and the best of a life are devoted to the earning of that money. Happiness is forgotten; the means are taken for the end. -Albert Camus

52. Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future. -Albert Camus

53. Man stands face to face with the irrational. He feels within him his longing for happiness and for reason. The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.

Albert Camus

54. In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. -Albert Camus

55. I know simply that the sky will last longer than I. -Albert Camus

56. Existence is illusory and it is eternal. -Albert Camus

57. The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. -Albert Camus

58. Man is always prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them. -Albert Camus

59. This very heart which is mine will forever remain indefinable to me. Between the certainty I have of my existence and the content I try to give to that assurance, the gap will never be filled. Forever I shall be a stranger to myself. -Albert Camus

60. A man devoid of hope and conscious of being so has ceased to belong to the future. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus The Rebel Quotes

Albert Camus The Rebel quotes

61. If we believe in nothing, if nothing has any meaning and if we can affirm no values whatsoever, then everything is possible and nothing has any importance. -Albert Camus

62. Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. -Albert Camus

63. There are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is not clearly defined. -Albert Camus

64. The future is the only transcendental value for men without God. -Albert Camus

65. The words that reverberate for us at the confines of this long adventure of rebellion are not formulas for optimism, for which we have no possible use in the extremities of our unhappiness, but words of courage and intelligence which, on the shores of the eternal seas, even have the qualities of virtue. -Albert Camus

66. Human rebellion ends in metaphysical revolution. It progresses from appearances to acts, from the dandy to the revolutionary. -Albert Camus

67. To remain silent is to give the impression that one has no opinions, that one wants nothing, and in certain cases it really amounts to wanting nothing. -Albert Camus

68. Whatever we may do, excess will always keep its place in the heart of man, in the place where solitude is found. We all carry within us our places of exile, our crimes and our ravages. But our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to fight them in ourselves and in others.

Albert Camus

69. Beauty, no doubt, does not make revolutions. But a day will come when revolutions will have need of beauty. -Albert Camus

70. The future is the only kind of property that the masters willingly concede to the slaves. -Albert Camus

71. Every individual collaborates with the entire cosmos, whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not.” The individual is lost in the destiny of the species and the eternal movement of the spheres. “Everything that has existed is eternal, the sea throws it back on the shore. -Albert Camus

72. Socialism is nihilistic, in the henceforth precise sense that Nietzsche confers on the word. A nihilist is not one who believes in nothing, but one who does not believe in what exists. -Albert Camus

73. We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime. Our criminals are no longer helpless children who could plead love as their excuse. On the contrary, they are adults and the have the perfect alibi: philosophy, which can be used for any purpose – even for transforming murderers into judges. -Albert Camus

74. The final conclusion of the absurdist protest is, in fact, the rejection of suicide and persistence in that hopeless encounter between human questioning and the silence of the universe. -Albert Camus

75. The spirit of rebellion can only exist in a society where a theoretical equality conceals great factual inequalities. The problem of rebellion, therefore, has no meaning except within our own Western society. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Notebooks Quotes

Albert Camus Notebooks quotes

76. You will always win if you make an effort, no matter how much. However, if you failed it means you were too lazy. -Albert Camus

77. I kept myself aloof from the world not because I had enemies, but because I had friends there. Not because they damaged me, as this happens usually, but because they thought I’m better than I really am. It was a lie that I could not stand. -Albert Camus

78. Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time. -Albert Camus

79. People, who suffer from sadness and suddenly become happy, betray themselves: they stick to happiness, as if to hug, and strangle it out of jealousy. -Albert Camus

80. Give up the tyranny of female charm. -Albert Camus

81. The beginning of war is similar to the beginning of peace — the world and the heart know nothing about it. -Albert Camus

82. People always think that a suicide is committed for one reason. But it is perfectly possible to commit a suicide for two reasons. -Albert Camus

83. Doubts are the innermost corner of our souls. One must not talk about his doubts, whatever they may be.

Albert Camus

84. Why I’m an artist, not a philosopher? Because I think in words rather than ideas. -Albert Camus

85. No one realizes that some individuals consume herculesque forces only to be normal. -Albert Camus

86. Solitude must be accepted with all its difficulties. -Albert Camus

87. Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present. -Albert Camus

88. A true masterpiece does not tell everything. -Albert Camus

89. Doubts are the innermost corner of our souls. One must not talk about his doubts, whatever they may be. -Albert Camus

90. The feeling that we are all neglected and lonely but not so lonely that “others” do not see us in trouble, saves us from the worst suffering. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Quotes On Love

Albert Camus quotes on love

91. Am well. Thinking of you always. Love. -Albert Camus

92. Nothing in the world is worth turning one’s back on what one loves. -Albert Camus

93. Why should it be essential to love rarely in order to love much? -Albert Camus

94. Rebellion cannot exist without a strange form of love. -Albert Camus

95. No doubt our love was still there, but quite simply it was unusable, heavy to carry, inert inside of us, sterile as crime or condemnation. It was no longer anything except a patience with no future and a stubborn wait. -Albert Camus

96. To be born to create, to love, to win at games is to be born to live in time of peace. But war teaches us to lose everything and become what we were not. It all becomes a question of style. -Albert Camus

97. My life was lucky so that I met, I loved (and disappointed) only outstanding people. -Albert Camus

98. The misery and greatness of this world: it offers no truths, but only objects for love. Absurdity is king, but love saves us from it. -Albert Camus

99. Some are created to love, while the others – to live. -Albert Camus

100. But it’s not easy. I’ve been thinking it over for years. While we loved each other we didn’t need words to make ourselves understood. But people don’t love forever. A time came when I should have found the words to keep her with me, only I couldn’t.

Albert Camus

101. They knew now that if there is one thing one can always yearn for, and sometimes attain, it is human love. -Albert Camus

102. I love life – that’s my real weakness. I love it so much that I am incapable of imagining what is not life. -Albert Camus

103. You do not have to unburden your soul for everyone; it will be enough if you do that for those you love. -Albert Camus

104. A pure love is a dead love. -Albert Camus

105. Of course, true love is exceptional – two or three times a century, more or less. The rest of the time there is vanity or boredom. -Albert Camus

106. Those who love, friends and lovers, know that love is not only a blinding flash, but also a long and painful struggle in the darkness for the realization of definitive recognition and reconciliation. -Albert Camus

107. It would be the most peaceful to love in silence, but there are consciousness and personality, so we have to speak. And then love becomes hell. -Albert Camus

108. How unbearable, for women, is the tenderness which a man can give them without love. For men, how bittersweet this is. -Albert Camus

109. If I had to write a book on morality, it would have a hundred pages and ninety-nine would be blank. On the last page I should write: “I recognize only one duty, and that is to love. -Albert Camus

110. A love that does not bear collision with reality is not a real love. But then the inability to love is a privilege of the noble hearts. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Quotes On Life

Albert Camus quotes on life

111. Life is crammed with events that encourage us to want to get old. -Albert Camus

112. Rule: Start by looking for what is valid in every man. -Albert Camus

113. Poverty is a state whose feature is generosity. -Albert Camus

114. A practical rule: a man which is wise in one area may be silly in others. -Albert Camus

115. You help far more when you depict a person favorably than instruct its weaknesses. -Albert Camus

116. There are accidents that last the whole life. -Albert Camus

117. Only the one who does not know what is life may believe that it is beautiful and easy.

Albert Camus

118. When I was young, I expected from people more than they could give: never-ending friendship and constant excitement. Now I expect less than they can actually can give: to stay close silently. And their feelings, friendship, noble deeds always seem like a miracle to me: a true grace. -Albert Camus

119. We live in a world where one needs to choose – to be the victim or the executioner, and nothing else. -Albert Camus

120. We love people not because for good they did for us, but for good we did for them. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Quotes On Freedom

Albert Camus quotes on freedom

121. Become so very free that your whole existence is an act of rebellion. -Albert Camus

122. The only conception of freedom I can have is that of the prisoner or the individual in the midst of the State. The only one I know is freedom of thought and action. -Albert Camus

123. They did not know; nor did they know that the negation of everything is in itself a form of servitude and that real freedom is and inner submission to a value which defies history and its successes. -Albert Camus

124. Thinking of the future, establishing aims for oneself, having preferences-all this presupposes a belief in freedom, even if one occasionally ascertains that one doesn’t feel it. -Albert Camus

125. Absolute freedom mocks at justice. Absolute justice denies freedom. -Albert Camus

126. After all, I do not have so many ways of proving that I am free. We is always free at the expense of someone else. It is a bother, but it is normal. -Albert Camus

127. Freedom, “that terrible word inscribed on the chariot of the storm,” is the motivating principle of all revolutions. Without it, justice seems inconceivable to the rebel’s mind. There comes a time, however, when justice demands the suspension of freedom. Then terror, on a grand or small scale, makes its appearance to consummate the revolution. Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. But one day nostalgia takes up arms and assumes the responsibility of total guilt; in other words, adopts murder and violence.

Albert Camus

128. Actual freedom has not increased in proportion to man’s awareness of it. -Albert Camus

129. Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. -Albert Camus

130. Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Quotes About Death

Albert Camus quotes about death

131. We are created to live side by side. However, we only die for ourselves. -Albert Camus

132. Person describes himself throughout life. To know oneself perfectly means to die. -Albert Camus

133. Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can’t be sure. -Albert Camus

134. Since we’re all going to die, it’s obvious that when and how don’t matter. -Albert Camus

135. There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between. -Albert Camus

136. Have you no hope at all? And do you really live with the thought that when you die, you die, and nothing remains?” “Yes,” I said.

Albert Camus

137. A life, whose purpose is money, is death. -Albert Camus

138. Maybe Christ died for somebody but not for me. -Albert Camus

139. For people like me, the face just says that we die alone. -Albert Camus

Albert Camus Coffee Quote

140. Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee? But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.

Albert Camus