Jen Hatmaker quotes

Jen Hatmaker Quotes

This is a compilation of my favorite Jen Hatmaker quotes. Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker is a television presenter, speaker, blogger and author. Jen has really been a source of inspiration to many people through her articles, books and television programs. She has been featured in Christian Today magazine and she is also the host of a …

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Dave Hollis quotes

Dave Hollis Quotes

Do you have any favorite Dave Hollis quotes? Dave Hollis is an American coach, podcast host, speaker and best-selling author of books like Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic’s Guide to Growth and Fulfillment as well as Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For. Hollis’ recent …

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Rachel Hollis Quotes

Rachel Hollis Quotes

What are your favorite Rachel Hollis quotes? Rachel Hollis is a motivational speaker, blogger and best-selling author of books like Girl, Wash Your Face, Girl, Stop Apologizing, Didn’t See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart, Party Girl, Smart Girl, Sweet Girl, Party Girl’s First Date and others. Many lives have …

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Ryan Deiss quotes

Ryan Deiss Quotes

What are your favorite Ryan Deiss quotes? Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and digital marketing expert whose work has transformed thousands of businesses around the world. Deiss has helped millions of entrepreneurs and business people to transform their companies through proven modern day marketing strategies. As a best-selling author, Ryan Deiss has written …

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Andy Jassy quotes

Andy Jassy Quotes

Do you have any favorite Andy Jassy quotes? Andrew R. Jassy is an entrepreneur and businessman who is the current president and CEO of Amazon. Prior to being the president and CEO, Andy Jassy was the leader of the Amazon Web Services department since it was launched back in 2003. Andy Jassy replaced Jeff Bezos as …

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Trent Shelton quotes

Trent Shelton Quotes

This is a compilation of my favorite Trent Shelton quotes. Trent Simmons Shelton is an author, speaker and former American football player who is mostly known for being the founder and president of Rehab Time, a Christian-based non-profit organization that aims to help transform the lives of people struggling in all areas of life. As …

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Lewis Howes quotes

Lewis Howes Quotes

Do you have any favorite Lewis Howes quotes? Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach, keynote speaker and best-selling author of books like LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website, The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy and The Mask …

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Dean Graziosi quotes

Dean Graziosi Quotes

What are your favorite Dean Graziosi quotes? Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, investor and a multiple New York Times best-selling author of books like Be a Real Estate Millionaire, Profit From Real Estate Right Now! and Millionaire Success Habits. He has been actively involved in the success of more than 14 companies including his recent …

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Robert Kiyosaki quotes

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes

This is a complete list of my favorite Robert Kiyosaki quotes. Robert Toru Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor and speaker who is mostly known for his book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad. He is the founder Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, which is a private company that provides financial education training through …

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Russell Brunson quotes

Russell Brunson Quotes

What are your favorite Russell Brunson quotes? Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, author and digital marketing expert who is popularly known for being the co-founder of ClickFunnels, a software company that is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses in its industry. Brunson’s marketing genius helped ClickFunnels to grow from zero to over …

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