The Beauty of Shadows

“Look round and round upon this bare bleak plain, and see even there, upon this winter’s day, how beautiful the shadows are!” Charles Dickens

March is a month of transition. And we can hardly wait for winter to turn to spring. 
Soon, the days will stretch wide, like the arms of a dear friend coming for a long-awaited visit. And we will be wrapped in light. 

But even the dark of winter serves it’s purpose, causing us to retreat and contemplate the goodness of our God. The One who created this season as well as the next.

Truly, when we look around there is beauty everywhere. And, today, if you are seeing shadows, be thankful.

After all, shadows can’t exist without the sun.

Praying your weekend is beauty-full!
Throughout this month, leading up to Easter, I will be writing posts about the shadows that shape us while focusing on the Light that saves us. I hope you will join me!


Here Comes The Sun!

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3


Yesterday, after two full days of rain, the sun appeared. We needed the rain, but it’s so good to see light washing over the earth, feel it warming the skin, soaking the soul in hope for a new day.
It’s amazing what a difference that makes. How, right in the middle of the gray and gloomy, joy can rise up.
And it takes you by surprise, all over again.
Makes you want to applaud God and say “Thank you!”
Hope your weekend is full of happy surprises.

People in the Unemployment Line Get An Encouraging Surprise! from alegator21 on GodTube.

Solstice For The Soul

The first day of summer is known as the longest day of the year (aka summer solstice). The World English Dictionary defines solstice this way:

[C13: via Old French from Latin sōlstitium,  literally: the (apparent) standing still of the sun, from sōl  sun + sistere  to stand still]

Maybe it is because of my natural inclination towards pondering word origins or maybe because this Sunday’s message at church was about the power of God’s Word. In any case, it got me to thinking about the correlation between this season’s long-lingering light and the eternal truths of God’s Word.

So I wrote the following poem.

All this sparkling light spills
like a soft golden strand
from azure blue skies
onto miles of warm sand

Every ocean and hill
has been kissed by the sun
and every dark heart
knows that summer’s begun

It’s a gift like pure gold
when I finally see
this gleaming white truth
burning bright as can be

As your word guides my soul
it illumines my way
a slow-moving sun
on the longest of days


Lord, our prayer is that we stand still long enough to let your word shine in and through us, like the golden rays of the summer sun driving away the dark.
Happy Summer Everyone!

A Day Worth Remembering

He was born a child of summer.

How fitting.

Since he grew to be the man who would brighten my days, warm my heart, literally light up my world like the sun.

Last week was his birthday.

And I wanted it to be special. A day worth remembering.

So I made a cake and he blew out the candle. But not before I reminded him to make a wish.

And I stood beside him. Making a wish of my own.

A prayer that God would allow me to savor these moments. Before another one vanishes like the smoke of a smoldering wick.

Because sometimes our days feel like the rush of hourglass sand and our hearts like melting wax. And it is good to pause and to celebrate all the gifts we’ve been given. 

And that is how I want to fill up this life. With thankfulness, laughter, love.

Celebrating each second like a kid on vacation. My toes wiggling in the sand. Basking in the warm glow of the sun. And reveling in the reality that every day is a day worth remembering.

And you? What have you been celebrating lately? Is it time for a vacation?

Sun After The Rain

There’s something so wonderful about the first ray of sun after a long rainy day (or days as we’ve experienced lately). Even now, as I look out my window, the world looks so beautiful awash in the warm glow of sunshine.

And sunny days bring sweet songs from birds who are busy building their nests and bracing themselves for the next rainstorm. It’s as if the memory of dark days is a far away dream and, even in the midst of their planning and doing, they are able to be joyful.

I hope the sun finds you wherever you may be today. May we join in with all of God’s creatures in a merry song of gratitude.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, Rejoice!”
Phil. 4:4