Solstice For The Soul

The first day of summer is known as the longest day of the year (aka summer solstice). The World English Dictionary defines solstice this way:

[C13: via Old French from Latin sōlstitium,  literally: the (apparent) standing still of the sun, from sōl  sun + sistere  to stand still]

Maybe it is because of my natural inclination towards pondering word origins or maybe because this Sunday’s message at church was about the power of God’s Word. In any case, it got me to thinking about the correlation between this season’s long-lingering light and the eternal truths of God’s Word.

So I wrote the following poem.

All this sparkling light spills
like a soft golden strand
from azure blue skies
onto miles of warm sand

Every ocean and hill
has been kissed by the sun
and every dark heart
knows that summer’s begun

It’s a gift like pure gold
when I finally see
this gleaming white truth
burning bright as can be

As your word guides my soul
it illumines my way
a slow-moving sun
on the longest of days


Lord, our prayer is that we stand still long enough to let your word shine in and through us, like the golden rays of the summer sun driving away the dark.
Happy Summer Everyone!