I Want to Fall Back

Today’s Harvest Party has a bit of a nostalgic theme (with the help of Pinterest).

Since Daylight Savings Time is on the calendar this weekend, I couldn’t help but think about how I need to remember to set the clock to “fall back” an hour.

But lately, my heart feels like going back further…


I want to fall back;
fall back to simpler days
when kids could just be kids
and time moved slow

I want to fall back;
fall back to autumns past
when candy was a friend
and not a foe.

I want to fall back;
fall back through all the years
and stoke the fire of dreams
yet unfulfilled.

I want to fall back;
and look into God’s face
and thank Him for the grace
that holds me still.

Sometimes I long for the old-fashioned simplicity of life. How about you? What makes you want to fall back?

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Enjoying the View

Softly the evening came. 
The sun from the western horizon
Like a magician extended his golden wand o’er the landscape; Twinkling vapors arose; and sky and water and forest
Seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

“Come here. I want to show you something.” 
I got his attention.
My husband willingly turned away from the computer, took my hand and let me lead him to another part of our home, the room with the best view.
“Look,” I said, pointing to the window.
I put my arm around him and he returned the gesture as we stood there gazing at the most stunning sunset.
“Isn’t it just so beautiful?”
“Yes, it is.”
He knows by now. I make a big deal out of these things. Because when you see something that takes your breath away, well, you just can’t help but praise the handiwork of the Master Artist who created it.
And that is what a sunset is to me.
It’s like God dipped his brush deep into the center of His creative heart, waved it across sky canvas and the result was this masterpiece we get to witness in the gallery of ordinary days.
And it comes at the end of each day.
A gift for the weary. 
After the business of living is done, just in case we missed it in all the other moments that came before, God reserves the most spectacular showing of love when we are most likely to notice it.
He gets our attention.
And when we are willing to follow Him, to let Him lead us away from the noise, we start to get the picture. That no matter what ugliness we may encounter in the course of an ordinary day, there is still beauty to be found. 

God wants to show us the wonder and the majesty of His power. He rejoices in watching us discover the passion and poetry of a sunset and He inhabits our praises when we do.And it’s here, in these not so ordinary moments that we feel the heartbeat of life itself.

When circumstances begin to dim the eyes of our faith, may we draw closer to our Creator and allow Him to reveal all the beauty we may be missing.

After all, He knows where to find
the best view in the house.


The Embrace of Grace

I am thankful for quiet days 
and cool breezes
and kind words
and longings met
in the warm embrace
of grace. 
Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.Frederick Buechner

Lord, in both the stillness and madness of our day, help us to embrace your grace.
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Solstice For The Soul

The first day of summer is known as the longest day of the year (aka summer solstice). The World English Dictionary defines solstice this way:

[C13: via Old French from Latin sōlstitium,  literally: the (apparent) standing still of the sun, from sōl  sun + sistere  to stand still]

Maybe it is because of my natural inclination towards pondering word origins or maybe because this Sunday’s message at church was about the power of God’s Word. In any case, it got me to thinking about the correlation between this season’s long-lingering light and the eternal truths of God’s Word.

So I wrote the following poem.

All this sparkling light spills
like a soft golden strand
from azure blue skies
onto miles of warm sand

Every ocean and hill
has been kissed by the sun
and every dark heart
knows that summer’s begun

It’s a gift like pure gold
when I finally see
this gleaming white truth
burning bright as can be

As your word guides my soul
it illumines my way
a slow-moving sun
on the longest of days





Lord, our prayer is that we stand still long enough to let your word shine in and through us, like the golden rays of the summer sun driving away the dark.
Happy Summer Everyone!

The Angels Still Sing

“The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.” Psalm 103:19
This weekend, as I counted down the final minutes of 2011, I remembered to count my blessings. I whispered a quiet goodbye to what had been and embraced the hope of what will be in this new year of 2012.
Over the holidays I was reminded of the perplexities of life. How it can be filled at any given moment with both elation and disappointment, beauty and ugliness, darkness and light. And this is why we need a Savior. To help us focus our eyes and hearts on what is real and true and good. 
Sometimes the news headlines can cause us to trade faith for fear, make us forget that God is still in control. I wrote this poem years ago, when I needed to remember that, in spite of what we see in the world around us, there is still hope. That, beyond the noise of this life, the angels still sing. 
Just like they did when Christ was born. (Luke 2:13-14)
Just like they are doing now around the throne of God. (Revelation 5:11-12)
Can you hear them?