I Want to Fall Back

Today’s Harvest Party has a bit of a nostalgic theme (with the help of Pinterest).

Since Daylight Savings Time is on the calendar this weekend, I couldn’t help but think about how I need to remember to set the clock to “fall back” an hour.

But lately, my heart feels like going back further…


I want to fall back;
fall back to simpler days
when kids could just be kids
and time moved slow

I want to fall back;
fall back to autumns past
when candy was a friend
and not a foe.

I want to fall back;
fall back through all the years
and stoke the fire of dreams
yet unfulfilled.

I want to fall back;
and look into God’s face
and thank Him for the grace
that holds me still.

Sometimes I long for the old-fashioned simplicity of life. How about you? What makes you want to fall back?

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Autumn Inspiration

“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains,
a torch flung to the trees.”
Faith Baldwin

So what do you do when you heart is anxious for Autumn
but it’s still Summer outside your door?

You dream…

And if you’re like me, you pin some of your fall favorites,

like this….

and you decorate the inside of your home so that you are
surrounded with reminders of the season you love.

 Autumn 2013

And you pray for cooler temps to return as you stock your pantry with items to make an apple tart that you may or may not make this weekend
to celebrate the first official day of Autumn. 🙂

Do you need a little more Autumn inspiration?
Check out my Autumn Love board on Pinterest!

And don’t forget to join my Harvest Party beginning next Wednesday!

What do you most look forward to with the coming of Autumn?
Please share in the comments!

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Big News – I’m a Pinner!

Well, it is official. I am now a Pinner! It was bound to happen sooner or later. I kept having people ask me if I was on Pinterest and my answer each time was “Not yet.” 

The motivating force behind my joining the site was for the Compassion child my husband and I are sponsoring. 

You see, there’s this contest going on until September 23rd and for each repin of My Sponsored Child I get entries that could result in a monetary gift for this sweet little boy in Bangladesh.

How awesome is that? And so easy!

Even if you don’t feel you can sponsor a child yourself right now, you can still get involved by sharing the story of Compassion and children in need. 

All it takes is one little click. Will you take a second to do this right now? I would be humbled and grateful.

Click Here to see My Sponsored Child on Pinterest and Repin It!

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