I took this photo as my husband and I were walking through the park near our home recently. It was just before dusk, in the twilight of the day.

We were halfway through the trail that leads through a wooded portion of the park when I noticed a beautiful blue light streaming through the treetops overhead. I was glad I happened to have my camera with me as I was compelled to take this shot.

Interesting, though, what I saw with my eyes was different than what was captured through my lens. The photo, to me, has an eerie almost other-worldly quality. It has not been enhanced or modified in any way which makes it all the more mysterious.

Here’s something I wrote in response to this photo. At times, when something evokes a strong feeling, I have a need to write, to attempt to describe it.

Seen at Twilight

High overhead I see the light,
the burst of blue from angel’s wings
Like cool flames come to cast a glow
upon my path and let me know
my heart is seen

I’m curious. What do YOU see in this photo? Ever looked at clouds with someone and found that you each have a different take on what you saw? It would be interesting to see what you see, so leave a comment and let me know…

The Art of a Sunset

If you’re like me, you cannot help but be drawn to nature. As a child, there were many things in the wild outdoors that frightened me and, yet, so much more that enchanted me. Especially the kaleidoscope sky.

A palette of crystal blue mornings, sometimes filled with marshmallow white clouds, turned to a vibrant mix of yellow, orange and red as day slowly transitioned to night. Sunset. The Master Artist at work. Even now, I am awestruck at the sight. When I see a sunset, I am compelled to pause. To sigh. To let out a grateful whisper to God for allowing me to witness His creativity. His signature in the sky.

Special Note: I would like to thank my talented sister-in-law, Linda Moyer, for sharing her gift of photography through the photos in this post.