My Letter to God

Sponsor a Child

Dear God, 

I took one look at that picture. One look and instantly I started thinking back to when I was a little girl, remembering how the world seemed like such a big, scary place and wondering where I fit in.

I especially recall being afraid of the dark.

Sometimes, if I was feeling courageous, I would jump out of bed at night and go running to my mother’s arms for protection from imaginary monsters. 

But most nights, I cowered beneath the covers, calling out her name knowing she would come right away to comfort me.

When I grew up, I grew out of my fear of imaginary monsters. But I found other fears to take their place. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failing. Fear of being misunderstood. The list goes on. 

Then I learned about you, God.
I found out you are my Heavenly Father and that you are always watching over me, protecting me from harm, both real and imagined.  

I read the promises in your holy book. The words you wrote to comfort me and tell me that I was never alone. That you are close enough to hear my prayers and come to my rescue when I call for help. And that you will never leave me. Never forsake me.

You taught me that you loved me so much, you sent your son Jesus to take away my sin and give me eternal life and chase away the shadows of fear. And I believed. 

And now I know why.
Because it is your desire for those who have seen the Light to share the Light.

Lord, help me share your light with this little one. And may all those who know you consider how they might share too. Because every child in the world deserves to grow up knowing that there is hope. That they are loved. And that, with Jesus by their side, they will never have to be afraid of the dark.

Compassion Blog Month Update:
I am so thankful today to know that so many have responded to the September challenge. There are now 2,271 children needing sponsors down from 3,108 just a week ago!

 Click here to see who is still waiting.

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