My Summer Vacation

Remember those reports you wrote in elementary school about what you did on your summer vacation? I found mine from third grade and it goes something like this:
“I swam. I played. I had fun.”
Well, my report about the vacation I took last week with my husband might have more words but the essence is the same.

Going on this trip helped me lose some of my stuck-in-a-rut-thinking.

Helped me gain new perspective.
Not hard to do when you are standing on a mountaintop
 looking down over the valley below.

Your mind becomes as clear as the crisp, clean air and
 everything comes into focus, taking your breath away.

All the world more vibrant. More alive.
More exhilarating.
More beautiful.
Sometimes a change of scenery helps to bridge the gap
 between our physical and spiritual selves, giving us a glimpse into the reality of the unseen world that exists just beyond the veil of human understanding.
And God seems closer than ever.
And the cares of life seem so far away.
I guess I could sum up my summer vacation
 the same way my third grade self did.
“I swam. I played. I had fun.”
And I would add just one thing more…
I thank God for allowing me to take this journey. For showing me the incredible beauty of His creation and helping me to
 find the inspiring at every turn.
I hope you enjoyed my summer vacation report as much as
 I enjoyed writing it.
 I look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures!

Unexpected Inspiration – A Simple Pleasure

Project Simple Pleasures2
I have to admit. Finding the Inspiring is not always easy. Yes, the Lord makes known His goodness to us and reveals His presence daily. I believe that what the scripture says is true:

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen… Romans 1:20

But there are times when the world presses in and it seems as if we are surrounded by evil. Have you noticed how the media is getting bolder and bolder in their promotion of immorality? Oh, it’s disguised as entertainment, hidden under a veil of laughter and applause, but we know the truth.

And that is why this video downright knocked my socks off! A declaration of God’s awesome power and greatness on National TV! Practically unheard of these days.

My sister-in-law had told me about the show that aired recently highlighting women in country music. How Carrie Underwood, backed by none other than Vince Gill, brought the house to their feet with her rendition of the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art”. I was excited to see it on YouTube and am happy to share it with you today. Because finding the inspiring when and where you least expect it is truly a simple pleasure.