Where Light Finds Me

~ Here’s something I wrote when I was wrestling with a decision recently. Thought I’d share in case someone else out there is feeling a bit lost in the dark too. ~

The moon is rising and the world is hushed as a sea of blue cascades through sleepy-eyed window blinds into this room. The soft light spills over my desk, piled high with books and other discarded papers.

I’m here again at my computer. Struggling for words. Lost in the half-dark. Searching for answers that don’t come easy.

LIght Photo & Verse

I cannot hide. The Light has found me, exposing my angst. And I know a cleansing must come.

In the quiet space that holds my unspoken prayers, I let go and breathe slow. Suddenly, it feels as if this room, my heart, the whole, big, crazy world has been washed in glistening grace.

God is here, and my heart floods with peace in the warm, liquid glow of twilight.


I pray the Light finds you today, wherever you are.