One Perfect Snowy Day

So I’ve been thinking about this season of giving a lot lately. I thought I might make my December blogs about that subject, what it means to be a giver, how we should be aware of those around us who are in need and give with a cheerful heart, etc.

Then, without warning (as usual), I got a surprise one morning last week. It was a huge, unexpected and perfect gift from God himself! Snow!

Now, you might think that’s not a big deal. But to get snow in Texas is a real miracle in the first place. Then, to realize that God knows the desires of my heart. He knew I’d been pining away for a glimpse of those fragile, frozen little gems falling from the sky.

I could sense something was different that particular morning. When I woke up, I was aware of how unusually cold it felt in the room. Then, I noticed the light peaking through the curtains had a certain glow, not like the sun, not yellow but white, a bright white glow.

I was compelled to get up and look out the window, hoping it might be what I had been dreaming about, but sure that I was imagining things. In those few seconds it took for me to move from my bed to the window, I was preparing myself for disappointment.

But, there it was! To my amazement, thick, beautiful flakes were quietly falling to earth and disappearing into the ground. I began to run around the house like a kid on Christmas morning, looking out every window to assure myself I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I grabbed my camera to try to get a picture. I knew this moment was fleeting so I just took it all in and breathed a sigh of contentment.

I was reminded that God is the perfect example of a Giver. If I want to learn what it means to give, I should just look to Him. In this season of frenzied shopping and frazzled emotions, we worry over finding that perfect gift for someone. But, it really is true that all we need to do is give from the heart, out of love. We should consider that giving our time to someone is a gift as well.

And, let’s not forget to be a good “receiver”. As a recipient of a gift, we should always show gratitude. That’s why I’m still saying “Thank you” to God for the gift of His Son and for all the blessings He has given me in my life, including one perfect, snowy day in December – a gift I’ll never forget.