Ways You Can Make This Weekend Awesome!

Take a walk outside with someone you love. It’s good for you! Here’s proof.

Find a local farmer’s market and buy some fresh fruit & veggies for dinner.

Better yet, plant a garden and grow them yourself. Here’s how.

Make this for Mom… and create the message or the menu to write on it!

Speaking of menu, who doesn’t like brunch? Any of these recipes would work.

Especially this! Looks healthy and yummy at the same time. 🙂

Sit on the porch and reminisce. Think about the memories you cherish. Then listen to this song (one of my faves by Amy Grant) and realize, it’s the simple things we do today that will matter most tomorrow.

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I pray you spend it making memories out of ordinary moments.


Good Friday Hymn

In contemplation of this holy day, I remembered a song that I first heard as a young teen, early in my faith. It was performed by a 16 year old Amy Grant on her first album, My Father’s Eyes. This version of the old hymn, O Sacred Head Now Wounded, is still one of the most beautiful I’ve heard.

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Lord!

Is that really Amy Grant’s daughter I hear?

In my mind, I still see myself as a twenty-something. And, not surprisingly, most everyone I know is similarly frozen in time.

So, imagine my shock when I heard a new song by one of my all time favorite artists, Amy Grant, with her daughter Sarah. I was expecting Amy’s duet partner to showcase her little girl voice because that is how I still see her in my mind. Instead, I was rattled into reality with a very pretty and grown-up sounding voice.

So, although I’m feeling old now, I can quickly shrug off my sulking instincts because the song is lovely and mom and daughter sound equally awesome. If you want to listen for yourself, visit this site and click on the tune, Overnight.