Finding God in the Ruins – A New Journey Begins

Psalm 121 FTI
I saw this video and wept. Maybe because the song is so beautiful.

Maybe because the sentiment is so honest and timely for me to hear since my own recent diagnosis of cancer.

Breast cancer.

It’s hard for me to type those words much less admit that this is really happening to me.

But it is.

And so begins a new journey for me, one I hope I will be able to walk through with grace so that God is glorified in the process.

At the moment, all I see is a body broken, the life I once knew crumbling around me. But I know there’s more to the story, that God has a plan to redeem this pain; and I pray a better me will emerge after finding Him in the ruins.

5 thoughts on “Finding God in the Ruins – A New Journey Begins

  1. How can this be my friend?… But I do understand – just a bit… a few years back I had a couple of scares with the C word and a few biopsies later all was clear… I know your story is playing out differently and I am praying for you dear friend.. In fact I have a group of 20 girls in a Bible Study lifting you up in prayer… I just completed reading/listening to the book Finding God in the Ruins by Matt Bays. He is the singer in the video you posted. Seems like a strange connection right now. But I know God is connecting us as you go through this journey and recovery. Not sure when you will read this but know I am praying for your full recovery and for God to give you peace with whatever is ahead of you. Love u Angel:)))))

    • Oh Sarah, it is so good to hear from you! Thank you for reaching out and for your much-needed prayers. Blessings and love to you as well my friend.

  2. Angel, I’m so sorry to learn of this. I’m married to a 22 year cancer survivor. The Lord is able! Praying for you.

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