For When You Really Just Want To Run and Hide

Cross and Verse Hiding Place

On days when the enemy looms large

and you’re feeling small;

when it seems as if just staying alive

will take every last ounce of strength you have,


Keep moving.

Keep believing.

Because Jesus has made a way of escape.

Through a cross of wood, cut out of a tree,

He carved out hope.

And when it came to securing our freedom,

He left no stone unturned.

Now, the talons of fear cannot touch us

because the enemy has been defeated.

And we rest in the heart of the One who is our shelter.

Our safe haven.

Our salvation.


The video below isn’t so much about faith, but it inspired me to write this post.

Let me know if it inspires you too.

6 thoughts on “For When You Really Just Want To Run and Hide

  1. Oh. My. Word! That video! I’ve never rooted out loud for a squirrel before! My palms were actually sweating at the end. Great post of encouragement and a great reminder that we are overcomers!
    Karmen recently posted…1969My Profile

    • Thank you Karmen!I know what you mean about the sweaty palms. It’s amazing to see the drama in nature played out that way. Go squirrel!!!

  2. Hi Angel! Wow. That video was a little scary! But I can see why you were inspired. No matter how little we are, we all have gifts to get us through. ‘Jesus has made a way out of it.’ This video is a perfect fit.

    And I loved your encouraging post too. We all need a good word at times to keep on going. Thank you for yours today.
    Ceil recently posted…The Grace of JoyMy Profile

    • Thanks Ceil! It’s comforting to see the underdog, or in this case the undersquirrel, win. 🙂 It reminds us that we can too. With God all things are possible.

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