I Want to Fall Back

Today’s Harvest Party has a bit of a nostalgic theme (with the help of Pinterest).

Since Daylight Savings Time is on the calendar this weekend, I couldn’t help but think about how I need to remember to set the clock to “fall back” an hour.

But lately, my heart feels like going back further…


I want to fall back;
fall back to simpler days
when kids could just be kids
and time moved slow

I want to fall back;
fall back to autumns past
when candy was a friend
and not a foe.

I want to fall back;
fall back through all the years
and stoke the fire of dreams
yet unfulfilled.

I want to fall back;
and look into God’s face
and thank Him for the grace
that holds me still.

Sometimes I long for the old-fashioned simplicity of life. How about you? What makes you want to fall back?

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9 thoughts on “I Want to Fall Back

  1. I loved this post! It touched my heart. I long to fall back to a simpler time, also….life is so complicated and difficult these days. In our quest to make things simpler, we have managed to make them so muddled and oppressing. I miss the days of pay phones and the days when you saw families around the dining table withOUT electronic gadgets. When people really looked into your eyes when they spoke to you…instead of continually being made to feel that you are distracting them from someone or something more important speaking to them through their blackberries or I-phones….oh, I just miss the good, old days….in so many ways. I loved your pictures and the thoughts you shared. So glad I visited here today! Love, Cheryl

    • I agree Cheryl! Sometimes the gadgets need to go, don’t they? Thank you for your encouraging words.

      • Yes, they surely do! I didn’t think this went through and came back to try again, but so thankful the comment went through. Our computer is old and acting up!! Thank you so much for all you do. Love, Cheryl

  2. Hi Angel! I had to smile at the image of loving candy instead of it being my cross! (And I wanted a carmel apple with the candy on it too!!)

    I would like to fall back on playing outside until dusk in the leaves. Making piles and running and jumping into them…if I did that now, I’d need an ambulance 🙂
    There is just something so wonderful about coming in after playing with my sibs, and entering the warm kitchen with dinner smells coming from the oven. Fun memories!
    Happy Halloween, my friend 🙂
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