Dancing On Air

Photo courtesy Linda Moyer © 2011

I think birds are one of the loveliest of all God’s creatures.
Extremely fun to watch too as they flit about
 doing whatever birds do.

They seem to know how to balance work and play.

 I know because I’ve heard them singing. And I have seen them, in between their nest-building assignments, literally dancing on air as they fly circles around one another.

When is the last time we were that carefree?

Today, I am pausing to reflect on the fact that God lovingly provides for ALL of His creation.

 That includes me and you.

 So we do not have to be exhausted with worry or weighed down with the cares of life.

He who cares for the birds cares much more for us because we are “valuable” to Him.
 I know because He said so.

I hope you will trust His message for you.
You are loved. You are valued.

Why don’t we all lay down any weight we might be carrying?
Only then will we be able to fly.

And, who knows?
 We might just find ourselves dancing on air.

I hope you enjoyed this repost from the archives. 
Is there something weighing you down today? 

Release it to God. Trust His promises. Watch the winds of faith begin to move in your life, and don’t be afraid when your feet start to leave the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Dancing On Air

  1. If this is a repost, then I don’t remember it from the first time. It’s very probable that’s because I NEEDED to hear it today as if I had never heard it.

    This morning, I am going to spend some time looking at the birds in my backyard and think about this post.

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