The BIble – A Review (sort of)

So I just finished watching the premiere of The Bible. And not long after the opening scene depicting Noah and the great flood, the critics surfaced on the world wide web and a deluge of bad reviews began to appear. 

No surprise. We live in a time when everyone is a critic. And I’ve decided, that’s exactly what I don’t want to be.

Of course, I would speak up if I found there to be some glaring error or attempt to undermine the eternal truths of God’s holy word. Thankfully, that is not what I saw.

But I had decided, in advance, there is nothing to be gained by attempting to pick apart every little detail. Yes, there were some things that didn’t make it in that some will say should have been included. However, let’s be real. It’s just not possible to fit the whole of the Bible into the confines of a television series.

The point is, the Greatest Story Ever Told is being re-told and I think it’s worth supporting. Have you seen all the stuff on the tube that passes for entertainment these days? Right. 

Enough said.

8 thoughts on “The BIble – A Review (sort of)

  1. OK, me back again like a bad penny.

    Someone said that they had rewritten the Sodom story to be about or at least include the sexual violation of a woman. Is that true? And if so, I can’t figure out why they would do that.

    (Sorry I didn’t see the follow up note in time to check it out for myself.)

    • Hmmm…honestly, I don’t recall that. Maybe because I was so concentrating on whether or not they would tell all the sordid details of the actual account (which they did not). My sense was that they were trying to give the overall idea of the wickedness of the city without being too graphic or controversial. Part of me thought they should have been bolder but then I thought perhaps there was enough there to cause people to read it for themselves. I’d love to know what you and others think.

  2. I agree…. I enjoyed it… I did take my ipad online Bible with me to follow along on a few areas just because i didnt remember it quite the way some things were portrayed but I found no glaring flaws either…. I was a bit disappointed there wasnt more about the covenant with Abraham (Israel) for this is so important in today’s events… but I will certainly continue watching and will enjoy having yet another tool with which to share with unbelievers… great way to open the discussion.

    • There were parts like that for me too and I did the same thing – got out my Bible to compare notes. And maybe that’s the best thing about this – that it might be a catalyst for sparking interest in God’s word, especially for those who may have never opened it’s pages before. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I actually saw that it was on last night and thought about you. I hoped you would do a review.

    Could I have watched it for myself? Yes. However, all I wanted to do last night was curl up in a ball and go to bed early so I turned off my TV.

    I will try to catch the next one since you said it was pretty good.

    • Hi Debbie! I just found out they are re-airing the first episode tonight on another network. You can catch it on Lifetime at 7pm central.

  4. We watched it last night too. I enjoyed watching it and will continue. My son loved it too and actually sat glued to the tv the entire 2 hours. He really loves Bible stories and history so he sure enjoyed it.

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