The Dawn of a New Day

A new year, like the pages of a book, lies open before us. 

Each chapter offering new adventures.

Each adventure drawing us further into God’s story,
closer to the Author of our days. 

We owe everything to Him. 

From sunrise to sunset, every second we draw breath is a gift. 

So let’s dedicate our 2013 to finding the inspiring,

praising our Creator for every single moment of grace
we are given along the way.

The failures of the past are past. A new day dawns…

…forgetting those things which are behind,
and reaching forth unto those things which are before…

Philippians 3:13

4 thoughts on “The Dawn of a New Day

  1. I praise God for the simplistic truth you share in this space you’ve created! I praise God for your weekly reminders of His goodness, His grace and His glory! I praise God for your eloquent gift and that you chose to honor His word with your gift!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Be Divinely Inspired,

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