Helpful and Hopeful Links For the Holidays

There are some things you read that just hit home. Words that walk right through the door of your heart and startle you with God’s honest truth.

Below are links I found this week that both wrecked me and warmed me. I hope they will bless you as well.

The first deals with issues revolving around our relationships. All year long we struggle to understand one another, and maybe especially so at Christmas.

1. This humorous post is convicting but encouraging –  How to Overcome an Offense.

The second is a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Sometimes there are no words. But sometimes there are a few that are just right.

2.  There is comfort to be found in this Beautiful prayer written by Max Lucado.

Finally, I told you last week that I would share more thoughts on giving. This is something I struggle with each year. How to do it the right way and make the gift exchange more meaningful.

3. This is one way to turn Christmas giving upside down – 7 Ways to Have More Grateful Kids

4. Here is another cute idea that incorporates the Gifts of the Wise Men

5. And when you read this short article, Just in Time, you’ll see why you and I have been blessed for such a time as this – to give the gift of hope, to meet real needs. 

Sometimes we look at all that’s wrong in the world and we feel helpless, overwhelmed. But when we do something for another person, we allow God’s power to flow through us and we can actually overcome evil with good!

Maybe it’s as simple as offering a smile or a kind word to our neighbor next door. Or maybe we can order a life-saving gift for a neighbor living a world away through this Compassion Catalog.

But, whatever we do, let’s waste no time doing it. Because if we want to see change in this world we need to let the startling God’s honest truth settle in and move us to change.

 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

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  1. So am I the only one in Blog Land who didn’t know about that wonderful devotional blog from the first link? I just followed it. I just sat down for a breather so only had time to click the first link. I’ll be back to visit others. I always agree with your words so I’m sure I’ll be delighted by all of them.

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