My Summer Vacation

Remember those reports you wrote in elementary school about what you did on your summer vacation? I found mine from third grade and it goes something like this:
“I swam. I played. I had fun.”
Well, my report about the vacation I took last week with my husband might have more words but the essence is the same.

Going on this trip helped me lose some of my stuck-in-a-rut-thinking.

Helped me gain new perspective.
Not hard to do when you are standing on a mountaintop
 looking down over the valley below.

Your mind becomes as clear as the crisp, clean air and
 everything comes into focus, taking your breath away.

All the world more vibrant. More alive.
More exhilarating.
More beautiful.
Sometimes a change of scenery helps to bridge the gap
 between our physical and spiritual selves, giving us a glimpse into the reality of the unseen world that exists just beyond the veil of human understanding.
And God seems closer than ever.
And the cares of life seem so far away.
I guess I could sum up my summer vacation
 the same way my third grade self did.
“I swam. I played. I had fun.”
And I would add just one thing more…
I thank God for allowing me to take this journey. For showing me the incredible beauty of His creation and helping me to
 find the inspiring at every turn.
I hope you enjoyed my summer vacation report as much as
 I enjoyed writing it.
 I look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures!

8 thoughts on “My Summer Vacation

  1. If I had to write a report about your vacation it would be much more wordy. Then again, sometimes words are not enough… Just beautiful!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I found it! I’m having so much trouble finding enough computer time that I miss things. Last night at dinner, my mother told me that one of my “friends” (she means blog friends) had the most WONDERFUL blog post. She yakked all about it and explained this one to a “T”. I had to come find it.

    This looks wonderful, and I can see why my mom loved it, especially that covered bridge with the flowers.

  3. Beautiful and peaceful scenery… sounds like you had a grand time.

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I’m your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your posts. ~ Ellen

  4. Tammy – Thank you! That trip of yours sounds life-changing.

    Janis – I so appreciate the kind words and thank you for the A+!

  5. Angel, your photos are awesome. They capture the glory of the Lord! I loved the way you summed up your vacation, weaving the words between the photos. It sounds like a wonderfully, relaxing and refreshing vacation.
    I liked all of your photos, but I thought the way you framed the table and chairs at the beginning was quite artistic.
    You get an A+ on your report!
    And may that spiritual encounter and relaxation remain.

  6. You summed your vacation experience up so eloquently with words and gorgeous images. So many have all that beauty right in their own backyard and somehow take it all for granted. We have to travel far and wide to see mountains and trees and grass and blooms! Nepal was amazing, and eye opening. About 50% of the people live below poverty level. As we traveled through villages, I wish I could have gotten pictures and captured the moments but it was hard to do in a moving van. I saw things I will never forget. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  7. Where were you? These pictures are awesome! I want to go here too. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time.

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