Sharing The Wonder – A Simple Pleasure

My husband and I like to take walks at the end of the day. We usually head out just before sunset. Tonight we decided to play a little “I spy” with the digital camera, capturing whatever wonders we might find along the way.
I loved this soft green foliage carpeting the woodland trail. Sweet to see something so delicate living among the twigs and stones.
He was drawn to the curiosity of a cactus nestled under a gnarled, leafless tree. Ironic that, in trying to get a closer shot, his arms were pricked by the tangled tree branches.
I became a part of the paparazzi when I came across this little
 cluster of pansies. Hard to resist the first color of spring after
 a long season of brown.
He tried to coax a smile from these shy buds on a hanging branch but they hid in the light of the camera flash. Instead, he caught the fading color of the twilight sky. Just as lovely, I think.
My simple pleasure today? I’ll give you a hint.
 It wasn’t snapping pictures or enjoying God’s creation or walking in the glow of another beautiful sunset, although I’m grateful for all these things.
It was being able to experience it all with the love of my life by my side. Spending time with my wonderful husband is something
 I never take for granted. I am thankful to God for such a gift. Thankful for eyes to see the wonder right in front of me.
 He takes my hand and we walk home. I breathe contentment. For him, for this day, for every blessing. And for all the simple pleasures we share together.
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15 thoughts on “Sharing The Wonder – A Simple Pleasure

  1. Hi Angel,
    Thank you for letting me join the walk with you and your husband — it was delightful.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  2. Simply beautiful and I totally agree about enjoying these times with our husband. Thank goodness mine loves to simply be together and he does not mind going anywhere with me as long as we’re together–even the craft store. 😉 Can you imagine? After 26 years I must admit sometimes I like going by myself. 😉

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Green is just so fresh. Thank you for stopping by earlier. Much love to you.

  3. Angel, I am so with you on this one. While the walk and the discoveries could all be simple pleasures, you nailed it. How blessed you are to have a man who wants to walk with you and share the wonders of the world together. I’m intrigued with playing “I Spy” while out walking. Lovely idea. (Debbie’s comments always make me smile.)

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! I totally get this simple pleasure Angel. It is one of my very favorites too.

    And won’t the man of the house laugh when I tell him we are going out to play I Spy this weekend?

  5. What a wonderful simple pleasure. Yes, time spent with the love of your life is truly a very wonderful simple pleasure. And I enjoyed seeing life in your nature pics. We still have LOTS of snow here. Dreaming of spring.


  6. Yes, yes, yes…the simple pleasure of your partner in life…I too love those times and need to take more of them, even after 30 years, thanks for the reminder…the pictures were great also

  7. the photos are great and seeing the pansies would make me happy….but love your reason for being happy the best.

  8. What a lovely walk and thank you for taking us along. What beautiful and colorful pansies. You are a blessed couple.


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