Homage to History

I love hearing the stories behind the songs. In honor of this past weekend’s Independence Day celebration, I thought you might enjoy reading this one, as I did, about Samuel Smith and the patriotic tune he penned that we all sing today.
My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

Also, in keeping with this sort of historical theme, I thought I’d pass along this link to a show I just discovered called History Detectives on PBS. If you have an interest in mysteries of the past or just want to learn more about history, I think you’ll really like this fascinating tv series.

Here’s a quote about history worth pondering:

“To understand what happens now one must find the cause, which may be very long ago in its beginning, but is surely there, and therefore a knowledge of history as detailed as possible is essential if we are to comprehend the present and be prepared for the future.” Pearl Buck

What do you think?

Happy pondering…