5 Ways to Find Your Smile

“Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Mark Twain

If you happen to be working on overcoming a challenge today, here are 5 ways to find your smile in the process via a journey through the five senses:

1. Look for the beauty outside and inside. When your eyes are open, you see the beauty in nature. When the eyes of your heart are open to the Word of God, you might be surprised to see something you’ve never seen before. Something that might transport you in that moment to a place of gratitude, which is a key ingredient for smiling.

2. Listen to something that lifts your spirit. Perhaps hearing an inspirational song in the morning. A gurgling fountain at mid-day. The soft-flowing breeze whispering to you through the trees after sunset. Cut out the noise and listen to the sounds that soothe you.

3. Savor the sweet things in life. Since I have a sweet tooth, I like to look at this both in the physical and spiritual sense. A little cookie with my coffee makes me smile. And so does a taste of the goodness of God. Realizing He loves me no matter what, that is a sweet truth that always satisfies.

4. Take time to Smell the roses. You’ve heard that one before but it’s important. We can’t forget to pause. To breathe. Allowing ourselves to rest from our labors will restore balance to our lives and a smile to our face.

5. Reach out and Touch the world around you. Be active. Go for a walk and feel your heart beating inside you. Realize your heart is beating for a reason. Whatever we’re going through can help us to help others if we allow ourselves to be engaged. When we touch the lives of others with kindness and hope, we open the door to receive the same and that is something to smile about.

Have a blessed day and Keep Smiling!

Photo courtesy Linda Moyer.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find Your Smile

  1. Thanks Cassandra! I write these things to remind myself as much as anyone but glad to hear you can take something away from it as well.

    God bless you!

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