Second Chapter of Acts

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today. I found myself craving the sounds of Second Chapter of Acts, one of the top contemporary christian music “CCM” groups to emerge out of the 70’s Jesus Movement. I recall going to see them perform in their heyday and, if I could describe the experience in one word, the one that comes to mind as I look back is “powerful”.

Though they officially disbanded in 1988 for other pursuits and solo projects, I was happy to see this footage from a 1987 concert which showcases their awesome talent.

You may be like me and love hearing the familiar tunes of early CCM classics. But, if you’ve never heard these siblings and their amazing vocal harmonies, do yourself a favor and listen! If you want to hear more, I would suggest you do a search for the very popular Mansion Builder and Easter Song and, another favorite, the infectious Rejoice.

Be blessed!