Drew Brees and His Son After the Super Bowl

You would be hard pressed to find an image more moving than that of the Superbowl MVP sharing the biggest moment of his career with his son. Read more about the emotional New Orleans win: Drew Brees and His Son After the Super Bowl – Best Moment of the Big Game? – ParentDish.

Perhaps one reason the Saints had so many fans going into the game is the fact that people love an underdog. It’s great to think that a team can come out of the shadows, having never enjoyed a Superbowl win in their entire franchise history, and not only get there but command a decisive win over their opponent.

Drew Brees has also been an inspirational icon for his team as well as his city throughout the season. Seeing him in the chaotic aftermath of the Superbowl win on Sunday as he held his son, it was clear he was wanting to capture that experience and share it with his little boy. He was somehow able to be “in the moment” and, by doing so, he captured the hearts of everyone watching, allowing us a glimpse into what can happen when we believe in miracles.